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Time Line Therapy®

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Negative emotions are like an iceberg, bigger below the surface and unless you experience symptoms that cause you to be conscious of them, you might think they don't exist. 


Continuing to stack and cover up the real issues to symptoms people experience is what causes unwarranted anger, fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 


Our clients are high achieving leaders and coaches who wanted to experience liberation and greatness in every part of their lives, relationships and business and chose to take the journey on their timeline. 


What does this experience bring after just the first session? Read on and listen to what clients say about the journey and experience a free session yourself.

Successful Multiple
6-figure Earner Experienced Liberation Easily & Effortlessly...

mother and wife who moved to a strange country, with only $100 and was homeless for a few years created a multiple six figure business but felt disconnected and lost without family nearby and wondered what legacy she was to leave in the world.


After one session she tapped into her deepest wounds to learn from them therefore creating a global movement to bring awareness and support to homeless mothers to regain their own confidence and rebuild the lives that they desired to be an example for themselves, their children and their community 

"Success is more than just money, that's just a science I have been blessed to duplicate & help other mums do. 

Casey helped me design the destiny that brings so much fulfillment in my life"

- Renu T., Millionaire Mumpreneur


What do you have to lose?

Nothing, but the unconscious negative emotion keeping you from creating

the life, the relationships and the destiny you desire & deserve! 

What Does Time Line Therapy® Do?

Brian, Business Owner

It forced me to take time to meditate and silence myself. I usually meditate very infrequently.

Amanda, Dog Handler & Coach

Spiritual and emotional freedom. A huge depth of remembering. The human behavior aspect of why I act as I do…

Thomas, IT Trainer

I was able to relax, and stay open minded. It helped me go through a beautiful timeline. I stayed opened minded and explored what was on that timeline. I honestly didnt think i was going to go to the route but it was beautiful. Thank you so much Casey, I definitely a lot lighter.

Sara, Life Coach & Parent

I was able to relax and release emotion. On a Scale of 1-10? 12!

Tracy, Preacher & Leader

Awareness of the anger I still held and the fact that I was always meant to stand up for myself but the anger derailed me a little

Tony, Welder & Trainer

Appreciation of negative events in my life that have formed into positive things in my present and future.

What Our Clients Say


Create the life, relationships, career and destiny you desire and deserve!

Hear Some Client Experiences

Amanda, Business Owner

She knew she was liberated from negative emotions when her children didn't get her anxious, angry or frustrated. She is able to be fully herself!

Tame, Coach & Leader

Tame a beautiful soul, mother, wife, leader and coach out of Colorado experienced complete liberation in the Breakthrough sessions. She would come out every session feeling younger, more energized and limitless.

Radostina, Spiritual Coach

Radostina suffered with a skin condition for years and the guilt and shame of it tried to take her down until she met the powerful one, HERSELF! Where she speaks up and unapologetically shares confidently what this transformation is really all about from within in and through anything.

Ready To Feel A Shift In 1-Session?

Create the life, relationships, career and destiny you desire and deserve!

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